Care Instructions

Indoor and Outdoor Moroccan Patio Tables, Garden Tables and Mosaic Tables.

Our furniture is hand crafted in Morocco.
Clean tops with washing-up detergents and clean water.

The mosaic tables tops are made with an iron rim (rust proofed) filled with reinforced concrete on which the mosaic pattern is then laid. The bases are made of tubular steel, which is than rust proofed

Moroccan Lanterns.

Moroccan Lanterns are made of metal applied with a lacked antique finish.

They are made for candles and have door to reach inside.
Electrics light can be easily inserted, as there is room for cables at the top of the lantern.

Naturally where electricity is used externally or in bathrooms a professional electrician should take care with the correct waterproof assemblage.

Moroccan Brass and Metalwork.

All wrought iron metalwork has a clear lacquer applied finish, which is a rust inhibitor, as it is clear in it takes  up the colour of the underlying steel.
Like many of our screen, mosaic tables bases and wrought iron furniture.... this produces a clean "antique finish". Flat black is also available. Should the article be left  long-term outdoors, or in a very damp environment , we would recommend re-coating at least twice a year.

Moroccan Tribal Rugs.

Cleaning: A professional cleaning is recommended every three to six years,

Vacuuming: Moroccan Tribal rugs should be vacuumed on a regular basis. Make sure not to vacuum the fringes.

Rotation: Your rug should be rotated once a year, this will ensure even ware.

Padding: A quality pad under your rug will help protect it from dirt, wear and slippage.

Stain Removal: Always rub and brush lightly from the outer edge towards the center of the stain to prevent spreading when using solvents on pile rugs. On old ,dry, or stubborn stains, saturate, blot and brush. Repeat this operation as often as necessary to remove the stain completely.

How to clean stain?:
work quickly.
Blot up excess spill with paper towels. Do not rub.
Apply antidotes as shown on list with a clean, dry cloth, working from edge to center.
Do not soak.
Pat with paper towels.
Dry with a fan or hair drier.
Restore pile with clothes brush.

How to remove wax?:
Put a blotter or brown paper bag over the spot. Put a hot iron over the blotter. Wait a few minutes until the wax is absorbed into the blotter.Repeat if necessary. Move the iron constantly and do not let it stay in one place.

How to remove glue?:
Saturate the spot with a cloth soaked in vinegar or alcohol.

How to remove ink?:
Saturate the spot with hair spray. Allow it to dry. Brush lightly with a solution of water and vinegar.

How to remove chewing gum?:
Press ice cubes against the spot. Wait until it becomes brittle and break off. Use remover to vanish last traces of the spot.

Care and cleaning information

We understand that you do't have the time to spend on time-consuming cleaning, which can also be expensive. With a minimum amount of routine care and maintenance, your wool carpet will steadfastly retain its original texture, colour and overall appearance.

These simple tips will help you maintain its op condition:

  1. Expect new wool carpet to shed its loose fibers inin the beginning. This will gradually decrease in the first couple of months until it becomes unnoticeable.

  2. Regular vacuuming is wool carpet's best friend as it will pick up these loose fibers as well as the soil and dirt that is held by the wool fibres at the carpets surfaces and keep it looking fresh and clean.

  3. Slow and careful vacuum strokes over he carpet is more effective than a quick run over. This will do more to groom the carpet and help it to maintain it's appearance.

  4. To clean up a liquid spill, first blot it up with a clean, dry absorbent cloth as quickly as possible. Then blot the area with a clean towel, dampened with hot water to pull the substance up from the surface of the carpet. Continue to blot with clean, dry towels until the area does not leave wet spots on the towel.

  5. Avoid using soap to clean spills as it is difficult to thoroughly get out of carpet and will attract dirt and make dark spots on the carpet in the future.

  6. Avoid rubbing strokes with the cloth as you clean, as this would disrupt the appearance of the fiber.


How to make Moroccan Mint Tea.



10 fresh mint sprigs, plus 4 for garnish
3 teaspoons green tea
3 tablespoons sugar
4 cups water


  • Boil the water.

  • Warm the Teapot. You can do this by pouring a small amount of the boiling water in to the teapot and swish around.

  • Combine the mint and green tea and sugar in the teapot, and then fill it with the rest of the hot water.

  • Let the tea brew, stirring the leaves once or twice, for 3 minutes.

  • Pour tea through a tea strainer into Moroccan Tea glasses to serve.

  • Garnish with remaining 4 sprigs of mint.

Bon Appetite!!