Misc. Sealife

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Humpback Whale Breaching
Product Code: BF007
Hand Carved Suar Wood Humback Whale  Size - 30cm       ..
Whale swimming 15cm
Product Code: BF014A
Hand Carved Whale - 15cm       ..
Whale swimming 10cm
Product Code: BF014
Hand Carved Whale - 10cm       ..
Whale swimming 20cm
Product Code: BF014B
Hand Carved Whale made from Suar Wood Size - 20cm       ..
Whale Notepad
Product Code: KK117D
Whate Notepad - 25cm           ..
Product Code: KK158
Whitewash Starfish - 20/17/13cm set ..
Dugong on Stand
Product Code: KK043A
Hand carved wooden Dugong sitting on a standd Size: 15cm   ..
15cm Dugong
Product Code: KK043
Hand Carved Dugong Made from Suar Wood Size - 10cm     ..
Product Code: KK039
Stingray - Body and Tail 7cm   ..
Product Code: KK039A
Stingray on Stand - Body and Tail 7cm   ..
Product Code: KK039B
Stingray - Body and Tail 9cm       ..
Product Code: KK039C
Stingray on Stand - Body and Tail 9cm   ..
Product Code: KK040A
Platypus - 15cm   ..
Crab - 20cm
Product Code: CD840
 Metal Wall Art Crab - 20cm   Sold in Pack of 5 ..