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Antique Giraffe
Product Code: G023
Antique Giraffe Standing - 40cm       ..
30cm Saur Giraffe
Product Code: G030
Saur Giraffes - 30cm     ..
Giraffe White Sitting 1m Set
Product Code: G011
Stunning Sitting Whitewash Giraffe's in a set of 3 Size 100cm/80cm/60cm     ..
1m Giraffe Set
Product Code: G044C
Brown Giraffe with Chomp - 100/80/60cm Set   ..
120cm Giraffes Set African Antique
Product Code: G032A
Special Antique Giraffes - 120/100/80cm Set   ..
Single Giraffe
Product Code: G043A
Giraffe with Brown Patches  Head Up Size - 120cm ..
120cm Giraffe Set
Product Code: G043D
Brown Giraffes with Chomped Finish - 120/100/80cm Set     ..
Spring Giraffe - 80cm
Product Code: G070
Spring Neck Giraffe - 80cm   ..
120cm Giraffe Brown with Shell
Product Code: G039A
Brown Giraffe with Shell - 120cm     ..
150cm  Giraffe Brown Chomp
Product Code: G065F
Brown Standing Giraffe with Chomp, 150cm   ..
150cm Giraffe Brown with Resin Swirl
Product Code: G065H
Brown Giraffe with Resin Swirl 150cm   ..
150cm Giraffe with Shell
Product Code: G039B
Brown Giraffes with Shell - 150cm   ..
150cm Giraffe Rattan/Crackle Finish
Product Code: G063A
Giraffes with Rattan and Crackle Finish - 150cm   ..
180cm Giraffe Rattan/Crackle
Product Code: G063B
Giraffe with Rattan and Crackle finish - 180cm Set Only Red Colour Left   ..
180cm Giraffe Brown Chomp
Product Code: G065G
Brown Standing Giraffe with Chomp, 180cm   ..
180cm Giraffe Brown with Resin Swirl
Product Code: G065I
Brown Giraffe with Resin, 180cm   ..
Giraffe Mini Set of 2
Product Code: G010
Small Mother and Baby carved Giraffe. ..