Metal Work

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Hooks - Lady Owl
Product Code: CD508
Decorative 3 Hook - Owl 36cm x 25cm   ..
Heron In Mangrove
Product Code: CD205
  Metal Wall Art, 2 Herons in a Mangrove Size - 50 x 85cm   ..
Seagulls - 80cm
Product Code: CD206
Metal Wall Art, Seagulls on a Post - 80 x 60cm ..
Porthole - 60cm
Product Code: CD473
Metal Wall Art Porthole - 60cm ..
Kangaroo - 65cm
Product Code: CD635
  Metal Wall Art Kangaroo - 65cm   ..
Emu - 60cm
Product Code: CD720
Metal Wall Art Emu - 60 x 40cm     ..
Emu - 65cm
Product Code: CD721
Metal Wall Art Emu - 65cm   ..
Whale and Baby
Product Code: CD765
Metal Wall Art Whale and Baby.   Avaliable in 40cm and 60cm.   ..
Whale and Baby
Product Code: CD764
Metal Wall Art Whale and Baby. Size: 60cm  ..
Whale - 80cm
Product Code: CD766
  Metal Wall Art Whale - 80 x 35cm ..
Harley Bike - Side View
Product Code: CD851
Our own design of a Harley bike. Side View Size: 60cm     ..
Kombi Side view **
Product Code: CD825
  Metal Wall Art Kombi Side View.     ..
Harley Bike Top View
Product Code: CD850
Harley Motorbike Top View Size: 65cm     ..
Vespa Classic
Product Code: CD852
Vespa Classic Design Plain Front Size: 60cm     ..
Vespa Euro
Product Code: CD852A
Vespa Euro Design British and Italian Flags Size: 60cm     ..
Crab - 20cm
Product Code: CD840
 Metal Wall Art Crab - 20cm   Sold in Pack of 5 ..
Zebra Group
Product Code: CD210
Group Of Zebras Size - 39cm x 50cm       ..
Three Elephants
Product Code: CD198
Group of Elephants Size - 40cm x 35cm       ..
Humming Bird
Product Code: CD209A
Humming Bird Glitter Paint Finish Size - 60 x 40cm     ..
Cat Mosquito Coil
Product Code: CD901
Cat Mosquito Coil Size: 30cm x 20cm         ..