Metal Work

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Product Code: CD060B
Display Stand for those special items. Sturdy sitting directly on the table Suitable for large..
Plate Stand Round Set of 3
Product Code: CD060H
Display Stand for those special items. Sturdy sitting directly on the table Size: 35cm 30cm 25..
Kangaroo - 80cm
Product Code: CD077A
  Metal Wall Art Kangaroo - 80cm   ..
Iron Koala - 60cm
Product Code: CD084
 Iron Metal Work Koala - 60cm ..
Iron Koala - 50cm
Product Code: CD084A
 Iron Metal Work Koala - 50cm ..
Iron Seahorse
Product Code: CD085
 Metal Wall Art Seahorse. 40cm             ..
Iron Seahorse
Product Code: CD085A
 Metal Wall Art Seahorse. 40cm             ..
Fish - 60cm
Product Code: CD127
Metal Wall Art Fish - 60cm   ..
Wire Fish - 60cm
Product Code: CD203
Metal Wire Fish with Coil - 60 X 45cm     ..
Snapper - 65cm
Product Code: CD087
Meatl Wall Art Snapper - 65cm     ..
Angel Fish - 65cm
Product Code: CD166
Metal Wall Art Angel Fish Textured Size - 65cm ..
Goldfish Extra Large
Product Code: CD166A
Designer Metal Wall Art Goldfish  Size: 110 x  90cm       ..
Marlin - 100cm
Product Code: CD143
Metal Wall Art Marlin - 100cm     ..
School of Fish - 100cm
Product Code: CD091A
  Coin School of Fish - 100cm Colour may vary from image shown      ..
School of Fish
Product Code: CD091G
Iron School of Fish - 100cm   ..
Wire Fish - 130cm
Product Code: CD184
Metal Art Wire School of Fish Size: 130 x 90cm   ..
School of Fish - 80cm
Product Code: CD202
  Metal Wall Art School of Fish - 36 x 80cm   ..
School of Fish Candle Holder
Product Code: CD091J
Copper & Brass School of Fish candle holder Size: 70cm ..
Flying Bird Scene
Product Code: CD091E
Copper & Brass Flock of Flying Birds Size: 80cm ..
School of Fish Brass
Product Code: CD091F
Copper & Brass School of Fish Size: 70cm ..