Musical Instruments

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10cm Didgeridoo
Product Code: JM005
Painted Didgeridoo - 10cm   Assorted Patterns   ..
15cm Didgeridoo
Product Code: JM005A
Painted Didgeridoo - 15cm   Assorted Patterns   ..
Didgeridoo 20cm
Product Code: JM005B
Painted Didgeridoo - 20cm Great for tourist and souvenior's Assorted Patterns &nbs..
30cm Didgeridoo
Product Code: JM005C
Painted Didgeridoo - 30cm   Assorted Patterns   ..
25cm  Bamboo Rainstick
Product Code: JM004A
Painted Bamboo Rainstick- 25cm   Assorted Patterns   ..
30cm Bamboo Rainstick
Product Code: JM004B
Painted Bamboo Rainstick- 30cm   Assorted Patterns   ..
100cm Rainstick
Product Code: MC075
Painted Bamboo Rainstick- 100cm   Assorted Patterns   ..
100cm Rainstick
Product Code: MC074G
Carved Rainstick- 100cm   Assorted Patterns         ..
120cm Rainstick
Product Code: MC076
Painted Rainstick- 120cm   Assorted Patterns ..
Didgeridoo Painted
Product Code: MC088A
 Painted Wooden Didgeridoo  Size: - 60cm Assorted painted images  ..
150cm Didgeridoo Carved and Painted
Product Code: MC086
Carved and Painted Wooden Didgeridoo - 150cm         ..
Didgeridoo Carved & Painted
Product Code: MC089B
Hand Carved Wooden Didgeridoo with painted detail. Each item has been designed by our person..
80cm Didgeridoo Painted
Product Code: MC089
Painted Wooden Didgeridoo - 80cm   Assorted Colours     ..
Maracas - 20cm
Product Code: MI001
Painted Maracas - L20cm   Assorted Patterns   ..
Maracas - 27cm
Product Code: MI001A
Painted Maracas - L27cm   Assorted Patterns   ..
Maracas - 12cm
Product Code: MI001B
Painted Maracas - L12cm   Assorted Patterns   ..
Maracas - 25cm
Product Code: MI001C
Coconut Maracas - L25cm   ..
Maracas - 20cm
Product Code: MI003
Natural Finish Maracas - L20cm   ..
Maracas - 27cm
Product Code: MI006
Painted Maracas - L27cm New Dot Art Patterns   ..
Bamboo Recorder
Product Code: MI008
Classic Musical Instrument. Bamboo recorder to keep those budding musicans occupied Size: 30cm..